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Industry get-together

REGISTRATION  (21 May 2008, VIP only)

During the Industry get-together on 21 May 2008, further directions and options for win-win cooperations in the field of industrial biotechnology will be addressed, and the key corporations, SMEs and academic institutions of selected European countries introduced. We are confident that participants will benefit from the information given and the opportunity to meet possible future collaboration partners.

From 16:00 this event will take place in the Mensa on the 5th floor of Building T on the Riedbach Campus (NB the new campus of the Zurich University of Applied Sciences Wädenswil, at the TUWAG areal). This will be followed by dinner at 19:00. The official language of the of the Industry Get-Together is English (i.e. all printed materials will be provided in English and no translations of the oral presentations are envisaged).


The following corporations (in alphabetical order) have already confirmed their participation in both BioTech2008 and the pre-conference Industry Get-together:
Ablynx, Alder Biopharmaceuticals, Allergopharma J. Ganzer KG, ARTES Biotechnology GmbH, Avecia Biologics Ltd., Bioengineering AG, Biospectra AG, Bioveta a.s., BRAIN AG, Chemgineering Technology AG, Ciba Inc., c-LEcta GmbH, CPN spol. s r.o., Czech Airlines, CzechInvest, DiagnoSwiss AG, DSM Pharmaceutical Products, Dualsystems Biotech AG, F. Hoffmann-La Roche Ltd., FUJIFILM Manufacturing Europe B.V., Geistlich Pharma AG, GlaxoSmithKline Biologicals, IBM Zurich Research Laboratory, Inotech Biotechnologies Ltd., Lonza AG, MDS Pharma Services AG, New England Biolabs, Novartis Institutes for BioMedical Research, Novartis Pharma AG, Oxyrane Belgium N.V., Oxyrane Ltd., Pall Life Sciences, PharmedArtis GmbH, Philip Morris International, Phytex LLC, Protéus S.A., Reliance Life Sciences, Research Corporation Technologies (RCT), Rhein Biotech / Dynavax Europe, Sandoz Pharmaceuticals AG, Sartorius Stedim Biotech GmbH, Sevapharma a.s., Sysmex Digitana AG, TMSS Management & Startup Services, Unitecra, VTU Technology GmbH

The following speakers (in alphabetical order) will give presentations:

Dr. David Bramhill, Research Corporation Technologies (RCT), Tucson (AZ), USA
Establishing Pichia technology: a successful interplay between academic research and commercialisation

Prof. Dr. Anton Glieder, Research Centre Applied Biocatalysis, Graz A
Industry meets academia: successful cooperation in Austria

Dr. Hans-Peter Meyer, Lonza Ltd, Visp CH
Opportunities for industrial biotechnology Switzerland: white, red or multicoloured?

Martin Partl, CzechInvest, Prague CZ
Investment in the Czech Republic: biotechnology

Jean-Marie Sonet, Protéus, S.A., Nîmes F
Driving forces in France biotechnology business


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Conference proceedings
Download proceedings (ISBN 978-3-905745-14-6) here!

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